“Finally, a band that smartly balances the bombasity of metal with the dance grooves of pop: PATCH, a Minneapolis based ‘deathpop’ ensemble.”

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“[Patch has] a distinctive sound that is pushing the local scene in a new direction.”

Combining industrial dance grooves a la Nine Inch Nails, the distorted cacophony of guitar rockers Queens of the Stone Age and Metz, and the concept album method of storytelling used by the likes of Pink Floyd and The Mars Volta, PATCH creates an original energetic and cathartic sound they have opted to call “deathpop”.

The band’s theatrical albums and live shows are turning the heads of critics and music-philes, offering a fresh, unique flavor to the indie rock scenes of the Midwest. Frontman/composer Peter Kenyon spits and riffs metaphors regarding the struggles found in the transition between youth and adulthood, themes that all ages can relate to.

For a limited time PATCH is giving away three singles from their latest EP, “Preclusion I”.
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